Why Limestone?

Why Limestone?

Limestone is the oldest natural element on Earth. No limestone block is ever exactly the same to another but it does feature similar geological forms, textures, grains, veins, nuances which make it a versatile building material. Unlike synthetic materials, which alter over time and phase out easily, natural stone retains its charm and unique appearance. Consumers are drawn to natural limestone for its outstanding quality, warmth and durability.

Benefits of Limestone

  • Non-Polluting
  • Durable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Cost Effective

Since the beginning of time people have been building with this enduring stone creating legacies such as the pyramids, castles, cathedrals, public buildings, train stations, even the Empire State Building.The greatest architects continue to use natural limestone as their preferred material to create projects that will last for centuries.

Limestone has the added benefit of being a non-polluting and cost effective material that is easy to maintain. While cast stone or other man-made stone has frequently been used on buildings around the world, it does not have the same durability as natural stone. Made from cements, sands, crushed stones and coloured to appear natural, cast stone does not offer the distinctiveness of natural stone. Because it is poured into molds, it has a level of moisture that creates a product that does not recover easily from damage or the impact of weather extremes. If you are looking to create your dream home or renovation project, natural limestone should be your product and Pierrexpert your company of choice.

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