What does Freeze-Thaw mean and what happens to the stone?

Natural stone is an ideal material for exterior cladding and paving. A common concern when purchasing stone is the serviceability under weathering over the life of the project. Freeze-thaw cycles can cause damage overtime to porous materials and lead to adverse effects on the durability of stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time when ordering stone?

The time it takes for the stone to be fabricated depends on the size of the order but is approximately 4-6 weeks from the time of the deposit! Transportation time depends on the quarry location of the stone selected by the client.

Do you only deal with clients from Canada?

Although Pierrexpert’s head office is located in Montreal, we currently deal with clients in both Canada and the United States! However, our representatives are available to assist you worldwide!

Stone Products & Maintenance


Natural stone is a great material for building cladding, pavers and even staircases. It is important to ensure proper installation and maintenance of your stone. If not properly maintained, stone is susceptible to moisture buildup which can lead to the presence of surface stains and deterioration from cracking. Continuous exposure to pollutants and weathering also play a role in affecting the building facade or pavers.

Achieving and increasing options for architectural distinction using white and colored stone veneer mortar


Masonry is a functional product used for architectural expression.Manufactured in many colors, different harmonies or contrasts can be achieved when it is used with white or colored mortars.

White Mortars

Veneer Stone Mortar is made with white masonry cement or with white Portland cement.White masonry cement consists mainly of Portland cement and hydrated lime. Portland cement is a hydraulic cement consisting of limestone and clay.

Get your patio summertime ready with natural stone

Summer is here and there’s nothing better than spending time in the sunshine of your own backyard. To get your patio ready for a summer of BBQ’s and outdoor fun consider replacing that boring old concrete with natural stone. For a chic and natural look, nothing beats natural stone for your patio.

How to choose your natural stone material


Whether you are embarking on a home renovation project or designing elements during the construction of a new home, you may decide to select natural stone to enhance your project. Natural stone products offer tremendous warmth, richness and value to a home while personalizing it at the same time.

Knowing just which stone product is right for your application can be tricky but with a little education, you’ll be able to find the perfect stone in no time. At Pierrexpert, we can help you learn about different types of stone and the advantages of each so that you get the information you need.

How to choose your natural stone laying pattern


When you are working with natural stone for any application in your home, you will have many ways in which to create your own unique look and design. From stone material to color and more, it is easy to make your home’s natural stone stand apart from the crowd. The laying pattern that you utilize is perhaps one of the best ways that you can achieve this one-of-a-kind appearance.

How to choose your natural stone color


Natural stone adds a level of richness and elegance to any home that no other material can deliver. Its uses are varied and range from kitchen and bathroom countertops to exterior features like dormers, roofs and staircases.

Choosing the right color or shade of stone is one of the important steps in finding the right product for your specific need. Pierrexpert works with homeowners looking for the utmost quality in their homes and can help you learn how to select a natural stone color.


How to care for natural stone

Adding natural stone to your home is perhaps one of the best ways to create the elegance and beauty you have wished for. There is truly no substitute for the grace and grandeur that natural stone products can bring to your living space.

Maintenance Is Critical for Lasting Beauty

Once you have spent the time researching different materials and identifying the best applications for them in your home, you will want to turn your focus to maintaining your stone so that the beauty you enjoy upon installation is retained for years to come.

Following are some important things to keep in mind to help you keep your new natural stone looking its best:

StoneAdvise America the new adhesive technique for innovative cladding.

Since it withstands the test of time and is a durable material, many people who design homes or buildings prefer to use architectural stone in the construction and it never hurts it has a stunning appearance too. Not to ever be outdated, stone retains its magnificent appearance and appeal always. Its strength makes it very appealing for someone who wants a tastefully constructed exterior or interior. Wouldn't anyone want sturdy walls with a stunning natural appearance. Low and easy upkeep makes it better yet.

StoneAdvise America profit every time.

Is it possible to relate with this? You wish to incorporate stone into the design of the house or office since you love the appearance of stone, which is possible without ripping down the existing walls. While you may feel like it is just too late to get that wonderful natural stone look, never despair. Thin stone veneer is a wonderful choice for your next project, and it may not require a total rebuild, after all. Perhaps the dwelling has a more complex architectural design--no problem. For existing commercial buildings along with residences, the new gluing system works out effectively.

Why limestone is a classic choice for veneer siding

Whether you believe it or not, some of the best historical structures throughout the world have something in common. Many were created using limestone and there is the fact that they were all built and designed using exceptional architecture. The materials used to construct these wonders have proven to be long lasting as they remain standing to this day. For its versatility and its ability to hold up against the elements while retaining it character, natural limestone was popular for hundreds of years. Present day buildings can have that same exceptional appearance limestone offers with everlasting quality when going with a limestone veneer siding.

StoneAdvise America

The new adhesive technique for innovative cladding.

The use of adhesive bonding is nothing new to the building industry. After all, the cement used between the bricks on the house that you were born in is nothing more than a form of adhesive bonding. But time doesn’t stand still.

While many building contractors still use the traditional method of fixing cladding with anchors, bolts and screws, other innovators are discovering the profitable benefits of the latest adhesive technique.

You can rely on StoneAdvise America.

Another advantage is that StoneAdvise America offers benefits in terms of logistics, as the mounting of the underlying structure can be 'separated' from the subsequent attachment of the cladding panels. All these advantages of StoneAdvise America result in significant gains for you, not just as a craftsman, but also as a contractor; quality improvements, cost savings and a considerable increase in productivity.