Stone is the product to choose when you are looking for resilience, appearance, and ecological durability. The earliest architects and masons knew that natural stone was the smart choice of building material; their structures have lasted for millennia. From the pyramids to castles to mansions of the rich and famous, stone was selected. Your creativity and imagination for your projects can be matched by the full range of stone, stone cladding, and ornamental enhancements available at Pierrexpert. In collaboration with StoneAdvise System from Europe, we have developed an award-winning technology for adhering stone, which has been well received by customers and the industry. Customers everywhere are looking for the right choices to protect the environment – what better choice than long-lasting stone? We provide free quotes and for custom projects, we offer Castle Design services. Call today 1-888-771-5810.


Pierrexpert will work directly with you, on the design and specifications to achieve a unique residence for your client. Call now to get a free quote or send us message using the Contact us Today! form.

Refacing with Natural Stone