Pierrexpert is proud to work with quarries around the world to provide high-quality natural stone for all your building designs. We have a broad range of stone, limestone and architectural stone finishes and thin stone coverings you can offer clients. From exterior to interior projects, stone provides the versatility, durability and appearance you want to create. Your clients want excellence and they will be impressed with the quality and price you can offer when you work with the experts at Pierrexpert. We always protect your budget by keeping installation costs low and help you find the right materials at the right price. We provide free quotes and for custom projects, we offer Castle Design services. Call today 1-888-771-5810.


Pierrexpert will work directly with you and your architect to help you design that unique residence for your client. Call now at 1-888-771-5810 to get a free quote or send us a message by clicking the button below.

Refacing with Natural Stone


How to install natural stone?