Stonework homes and homes enhanced with natural stonework are attractive additions to any neighbourhood. Homeowners, contractors and architects who work with natural stones, limestone, stone veneer gain the advantage of using an environmentally friendly product that is naturally energy-saving.

Pierrexpert has a full range of natural stone, limestone veneers, and stone cladding with a full range of colours and low installation costs to build or enrich your housing project. We have an impressive portfolio of staircases, fireplaces, walkway layouts, fountains, balustrades, ornaments and stone carvings to meet all your dream designs. With our expert veneer bonding products, you can add stone finishes that will be durable and sustain extreme weather conditions.

When you are looking for durable, ecofriendly and attractive stone, look no farther than Pierrexpert. With more than 30 years of experience we have the products and expertise to offer you the right products to match any stonework project. Call 1-877-771-5810 for your free quote today.




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